(Amusing PA Valentine's Day Blog) Office Romance: Love at First Handshake.

You and your business projects are more than compatible. This month, we’re looking into the four stages of the relationship… not with your other half, but between you and your business ventures! Let’s take a look… You’ve developed these brand new ideas. You’re beginning a fresh relationship with this project, collaboration or even an innovative company in itself – congratulations! A clean slate! No matter how big or how small, it’s different and exciting! You’re looking forward to starting out

Adventure East Coast: Home

A Professional Contexts project, earning a distinction: a suggestive guide to the ultimate road trip down the East Coast of the United States of America. 'You begin in the state of New Hampshire, explore the forests and towns before checking out the expansive cities of Boston, Philledelphia and Washington DC. The tour will take you on a historical and urban ride through America's past, before you move on to the southern states. Driving on through mountains towards Tennessee and down to Florida...'